Apricot Brandy Ice Cream

Apricot Brandy Ice Cream

Okay, here comes another ice cream recipe and this time it includes some booze! I have an ambivalent relationship with apricot brandy, in most cocktails it tastes too sweet and therefore I rather use regular brandy instead — but in ice cream apricot brandy is dangerously delicious! It tastes so good, that after having put quite a fair amount into the ice cream, I had to keep myself from having it before noon… As you might have already guessed this is not an ice cream you want to serve to children, instead it is a tasty treat for grown-ups. It is also super-easy to make (the basics are the same as in the coffee ice cream recipe) and looks pretty with the tiny bits of strawberry and pistachio, that I added.


1 cup cream
2/3 cup condensed milk
a large shot glass of apricot brandy (or according to taste)
some strawberries, cut into small pieces
some pistachios, chopped

Whisk the cream, stir condensed milk and brandy in.
Add strawberries and pistachios.
Freeze overnight in an airtight container.

#apricotbrandy #boozyicecream #pistachios #brandyicecream


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