Banana and Cinnamon Ice Cream

Banana and Cinnamon Ice Cream

This is the easiest recipe possible – perhaps it should not even be called a recipe.
Nevertheless this banana-cinnamon-ice cream tastes good, needs only a little bit of preparation time and is suitable for vegans or people with dairy-allergies. Bananas are naturally sweet, so there is also no need to add sugar.

Choose really ripe bananas for this recipe, they have the right sweetness. And then start to experiment! So far I had banana-nutella-ice cream, banana-peanut butter-ice cream, and now banana-cinnamon-ice cream, and there are many other possibilities…

4 ripe bananas, frozen
as much cinnamon as you like
(didn’t I say it is really simple?)

Peel and freeze bananas over night. Then cut them in pieces and blend them. If they are hard to blend add a little bit of water, milk or cream. Then add as much cinnamon as you like and blend one more time. Either serve directly (it is relatively soft) or freeze again, if you prefer more solid ice cream.

#bananas #cinnamon #naturallysweet #gelato


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