Gin and Plum Sorbet

Gin and Plum Sorbet

Last year we spent a a few wonderful days at a small Scottish castle and there we had some amazing food, it might actually have been the best food of our lives! All ingredients were either fresh from the garden or from the local farmers’ market. Some of the vegetables and herbs used we had never seen nor heard of before. They grew in the area since ages and had just never made it on the global radar. Our meals there were delicious and wonderfully surprising. On one evening the dessert consisted of homemade ice cream topped with damson gin of their own production. The damson gin was incredibly tasty and we decided that we would try to recreate it at home.

However, we could not get any damsons here last autumn and so in the end we settled on plums. Making plum gin is very easy: Just wash the plums, cut them in halves and take out the stone. Put the plums in an airtight jug or some other airtight container and then put some sugar on the plumes. Continue with alternating layers of plums and sugar. When the jar is full, pour gin over the fruit until the top fruit are fully covered. Then store the jar in a dark place (no direct sun light) for the next two months.

The gin plums can later either be used in a crumble, for cake or in a sorbet.


Small bowl of gin plums (or: plums and gin)
Simple syrup (I used one cup, but that totally depends on the taste of the plums and it is advisable to taste the sorbet frequently and to then adjust the simple syrup)
Juice of one lime
Optional: 3 teaspoons grenadine syrup

Take the gin plums out of the jar and put them in a blender. Add the lime juice, the simple syrup and the grenadine syrup and blend the mixture. Pour the mixture into an airtight container and freeze for at least 12 hours. Whisk the sorbet 3-4 times during that time.

Serve the sorbet with vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce.

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