European Culinary Adventures Part 1: Munich

European Culinary Adventures Part 1: Munich

After I had crossed the ocean with the help of a Lufthansa-airplane I spent a few days in Munich, the capital of the German publishing industry and a place where you can get a lot of good food! There I tried to overcome my jet lag as fast as possible (staying up long on the first day worked out, however, even after a week, I am still not getting tired before midnight). My lovely aunt spoiled me with a dinner of white asparagus with sauce hollandaise, potatoes, and schnitzel on the first evening. Accompanied by a glass of Riesling. The quintessential German meal for this time of the year. The next day I spent the afternoon with a walk in the park surrounding the castle of Nymphenburg and a visit to a little bakery near-by.

Nymphenburg Castle surrounded by its gardens and pavilions is always worth a visit. I remember that as a child I was impressed by the interior of the castle, nowadays I rather spent my time in the park. Especially at this time of the year, when there are lots of baby birds walking around.

Less than 5 minutes away from the castle is a bakery and café called ‘BackSpielHaus’ (lit. BakePlayHouse). They offer a selection of cake, pastries, bread rolls, bread, and of course Brezn. What differentiates them from other bakeries is that their slices of cake are huge. They are aptly called ‘Riesenkuchen’ (gigantic cake). It takes two or a day to finish a slice. I ordered a gorgeous piece of red currant cake there and in the end took half of it home. Which turned out to be a good thing as I was writing my conference paper until late and needed a sugar kick at midnight.

Like every German bakery they also had an interesting selection of bread.

I will post some more impressions from Nymphenburg Castle before I finally go to bed as it is long after midnight here again.

One thought on “European Culinary Adventures Part 1: Munich

  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures and travels, I need a vacation abroad so this gives me a perfect little taste until I find time, I remember on my trip to Germany a few years ago I was in love with German cakes and pastries, the portions are gigantic (that says a lot coming from someone who lives in America!) but everything was lighter, and not too sweet and they used lots of fruit for desserts which I loved. Please do share any recipes you may come across, and feel free to eat on my behalf 🙂

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